The Year of the Gods 904.

The Zhenin Continent is abuzz with rumors. The people of the land have become anxious with worry as the rumors bring only visions of death and destruction, chaos and cruelty. Nobility and commoners alike have begun considering preparations to defend their homes or, in some cases, leave for more peaceful shores despite any concrete evidence other than the ambiguous hearsay of commonfolk, diviners, and doom-sayers.

Amidst the rumors, one stands strong in the monster-plagued lands of Nedros. A once-displaced member of the nation’s nobility, responsible for saving the kingdom – some say the world – from destruction by the mad royal advisor Parin Vaneguard just three months prior, has disappeared. No sign of him or his entourage of loyal friends, followers, and allies has been reported by folk of any station. It is said that the battle with the power-hungry advisor injured him far more than was originally thought, but nothing can be determined with any certainty.

Elsewhere in the world, the goddess of Fate seems to have drawn a family of nobles – once separated by strife and turmoil – back together for some purpose known only to her…

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Absolute Dominion

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