Absolute Dominion

Decado Drexlyn's Combat Journal Ch1

Evening, Icefall 28th Death Day
I’m putting this journal together to keep my head all my thoughts on the battles we have thought many things have happened leading up to and after these battle and ill letDarius’s , Javen’s old journal and anyone else who cares to write to fill in the blanks..
I’m writing this so i can look back and if need be pull from past battles and soundtheroie ideas and not make same mistakes twice. I don’t want Javen’s death to happen to another person i care for. I learned a lot from Dad when it comes to leading and strategy but i never had a chnace to put to practice up until 9 months back. Anyways on with it…

Night Suns Ebb 9th Air day_
Meet 2 guards from town to get escorted back to Lord Vordehan estate. Eric one of the guards was a traitor and he killed Lawrence the other guard with poison and takes off. We follow Me,Javenand Darius. This is my first mistake why would he poison his buddy and run off unless it was a trap next time use my head it was a trap we had to retreat back to the camp get shields cause of bowmen. We won though but the lesson of this combat is archers hurt, charge them cause they will break, watch for traps. It almost cost me Darius he got injured pretty bad in this fight .

Late Afternoon Suns Ebb 11th Gods Day_
Javen and I snuck into Lakeside to get some intel on the Inn and MerrilynJyrick had said we had eyes looking for us and he wasnt kidding we were being followed. Being in light armor but well armed we set an ambush for our pursuers in a alley. Within the first few seconds it was apparent they were hired strong arms from the street. No organization and very little skill, they only thing they did right was throw 2 men on rooftops with crossbows. After we made short work of them men on the ground and Javen shot a man from the roof with his own crossbow. The last man took his leave. 
I got to say i learned a lot of things in this fight, always keep a ranged weapon on you. Got to give yourself options. Also i got clipped with two bolts, learn to move out of the way and find fucking cover.

Late Afternoon Suns Ebb 21st Death Day…suited_
Me, Javen, Darius and Ysela were following a lead. It lead us to a old lumber mill in the middle of the woods. This is where one of our more difficult fights occured. We encountered a character named Silas and his band of mercenaries. This fight started out positive my armor was enscrolled by our sorceress Ysela and headed in to battle Silas. Out of the woods came a band of 12-15 men followed by a damn Giant. By what im told a smaller one…could of fooled me. Javen and Ysela let loose with magic and Darius starting firing his bow as quick as his could.
I got to say im good with a blade, make you glance one way and spill your guts a second later. It was very hard to fool him he was fast and the magic lightning sword didnt help things. After a particular nasty hit that i out on him he dropped his sword Silas turned…went full fur and werewolf. It got bad and quick…yelled for help right than and there he Darius has some religious thing about were creatures. The men finally went down took a bit though same with the Giant with Ysela almost dying in the process. 
Silas was killed in the end he was one of the men who raided our estate years ago. Doesnt bring anyone back but for a brief moment you feel like it matters. Take aways from this are right weapon for the right job my swords great but Silas kept healing cause it wasn’t silver. Also even thought Giants are big tough and strong some simple magic spells and arrows brought it down without too much injury. Right tools for the right job.

Underground Icefall 14th or 15th Death or Life Day_
The fight couldnt be avoided it was eventually going to try to kill us on our way out of the tombs below the estate. The Demon was controlling so many undead. Me and Thorin could easily let our armor take a good amount of the damage from the undead and not even hurt us it was the rest of us that were having problems light armored too many undead and more being raised every minute. Javen gave himself up to save the rest of us.. I’m sure none of us would have made it out Catacomb alive if it werent for him. 
Everytime i look at Merrilyn it hurts a little to realize what was lost and what i imagine could have been. Than i see the next obstacle in my path and as a leader you come to the conclusion that some things are unavoidable no matter how much you think it through or how much sound your plan is…

Darius Drexlyn's Journal

It had been a few weeks since Verikan and Javen were back before the dreaded topic of the day when our parents were killed and our family manor was attacked. We discussed that time and some of the influential people in the attack. We decided to go back to the manor and started to prepare for the journey. We decided to hunt for some food on the way and did not pick up enough food for the whole journey. Our preparations took a week before we set out. We asked Verikan to see if he could get someone from his church(the church of The Lady) to help him with any healing that needed to be done in case of injuries. Javen went with him and they came back with Chymerrilyn. She was a young woman around the age of twelve. And so the next day we set off.

Our journey did not start off well. Javen and I had problems hunting for food and we had an incident with an owlbear. Javen was tracked it(this was before we knew it was an owlbear) to it’s cave. We were unprepared for it’s viscous attack. I was knocked down before I could hit it with my halberd, but I managed to easily deflect it’s attacks before I could blow my horn to alert others that there was danger. They quickly came and we dispatched the owlbear. We decided not to let it go to waste and cut it’s tough meat for food. As we were most of the way to the manor we decided to take a small detour south to a nearby fort to resupply. The fort commander was missing a patrol and we had to help find the patrol in order to be allowed to trade for supplies. A soldier named Dunlan came with us. We tracked the patrol to a place where they got ambushed and then followed the trail to a lake. Going around the lake we found a cave under a tree. We encountered krilloths in the cave. They had set traps but with Thorin easily able to spot them, I managed to easily disarm them so we could safely continue. Towards the bottom of the cave they had the captured soldiers tied up towards the center. It look as if the krilloths were about to kill the soldiers and possibly eat them so I quickly charged into the fray to save them. Decado and Dunlan did the same to different groups of krilloths. Javen stayed backed and fired arrows while covering Verikan. Verikan being a worshiper of The Lady doesn’t directly take part of the combat. Unlike most prey worshipers of The Lady, he does have armor and a shield. We killed or captured most of the krilloths. Some getting away. Verikan and had to hurry up the passage because Merryl ran away when one krilloth went to escape up the passage. We found her unharmed hiding in a secret passage that Thorin had found earlier. On our way back we talked to an ancient troll that was blind named Baragaut. He knew each of us Drexlyns had a birthmark. He told us that we needed to go and see a Scion of Fate and that the Scion would explain our significance to the world. When we got back to the fort, Thorin started to teach Merryl how to parry with a quarterstaff. I helped because so she could at least try to defend herself if attacked. I gave my halberd to one of the guards that we had freed. It was here that I first thought that I should act more like a hunter, but my path dedicating myself deeper to Ralurthane did not come yet. We wished Dunlan the best of luck and instructed him to meet us at a later time when his duty there was done. I believe we are fated to meet him again in the future.

We left the fort and proceeded to our manor house. It had the look of non-use. We circled it as a cautionary measure. Memories both good and bad came back to me. We all were quietly sorting through our own thoughts. Javen looked the most uncomfortable while Decado seemed not to be phased. I kept my emotions in check to least so that I’ve matured enough these past couple years. I saw my father’s grave for the first time. I didn’t work up the courage to approach it, but Decado later said it looked as if someone had crawled out from the inside. If someone turned our father into some type of undead they would pay. The mausoleum seemed disturbed as if someone kept going in and out looking for something. The greenhouse was overgrown. We entered the house by the main entrance. There was a trail of blood that we followed. We found some rare dangerous mold that we left alone in the pantries. The library disturbed me because it was where I saw my mother growing up the most when I was learning to read. Verikan and Javen, who spent more time in the library said that there were books missing. We later found that they were books on our family history. Thinking about it, the missing books could be connected with our birthmarks. In the servant’s quarters Javen fell down from an emotional burst crying. I do remember him saying that he married one of the servants after he escaped from the manor. I sent Merryl over thinking that another female around his age might be the best comfort for him. Also there was an eerie dangerous feeling that was coming from somewhere within the house. On the second floor we searched our old rooms. There were clothes in my room that no longer fit me and we didn’t find anything else of any use for us in our rooms. We found clothes in the guest room, but none us remembered who they belonged to. We found an old chest hidden in our parent’s room. Merryl had some weird reaction and the items started glowing. They turned out to be magical. I thought it would be best if Decado kept them since they belonged to our father. I wasn’t ready to use them yet. Following the trail of blood to the basement we found undead. Verikan said some holy words against the undead as we dispatched them. I had taken a bite that sickened me, but I couldn’t let it stop me. Javen had fallen from two while protecting Verikan and Merryl. I think his mind was still occupied from his late wife. Merryl had been paralyzed from one of the bites. We decided to part ways with the manor and respect the dead of the servants there by burning the manor down. We asked Thorin not to take part since this was a family issue. The four of us burned down the manor. I had tears in my eyes as we watched it burn down. It caused me to remember that not all evil walks during the night. We traveled to the nearest town to fix cure Merryl’s condition. Her health seemed to be getting worse as the days went by. Javen managed to get potions to cure her infliction. We spent a few days in this town before deciding to head home. It was around this time some of us started looking at Merryl in a different light. We took a small detour to ruins off a rumor, but it turned to be nothing and we continued on our way home. In the town before home we heard a rumor that a inn had burned down at Lakeview. We are looking into the rumor now.

Checking the rumors in the town I couldn’t any solid evidence that it was our uncle’s inn that burned down. The only information I managed to get was that an innkeeper thought there wasn’t a fish in the name of the inn. I paid for some poor to sleep on the inn floor, since the night is no place for these people. On the way to the temple a person caught my eye, she seemed to have a skill set that our travelling party could use. My lack of communicating with people caused some confusion about what Ysela was being hired for, but she joined our group. Verikan thought we should test her skills first. I almost laughed at him since only predators follow Ralurthane. I felt a little guilty at having her use her skills to protect two members of the Lady, but I guess us predators can only do it for a while before we tire of it. We left the next day to return home.

We were detained by the local lords troops when we got back to the town. “For our protection.” Our uncle had been arrested for burning down another inn, which is something that our uncle would never do. Verikan seemed worked up the most about it. On the way to lord’s castle one of the guards attack us and lead us to an ambush. He got away, but he will be hunted down. Though I don’t mind the scars that I got from the encounter.

It turned out that the Scion of Fate we were looking for is the local lord. He explained some things about our birthmarks and the fate that we are bound to. Also we found a dark secret about Merryl. But who writes secrets in journals… maybe a gossipy woman. There are also full blooded elves here. I spent some time in the garden with them learning about some of the plants. Maybe the information could be useful at a later time. We also had a little festival. Decado and Javen went south back to the town to get some more information. I decided to scout the surrounding area of the castle. I found a graveyard nearby and talked with Verikan about consecrating it. Thorin came along too. From the crypt we felt an overwhelming evil presence. Consecrating it took awhile and night fell towards the end of it. The evil presence tried to kill us. Shadows constantly came and attacked us as Thorin and I defended Verikan as he finished the consecration. Our uncle came and helped finish off the rest of the shadows as Verikan finished the ritual. It was nice to see my uncle who was only arrested in order to protect him. We all returned back and regrouped to discuss what our next plans were.

Javen Drexlyn's Journal

I was born the third child of Lutherin and Cryssania Drexlyn. My mother always doted on my more than my other brothers because I was born so small and frail. Mom did not know how to deal with a small child so she kept me away from all the boy games and made me spend a lot of time with her and her ladies. Felicia was the daughter of one of our servants; I spent most of my time with her. She was the first girl I ever kissed.

I remember, sadly, that day perfectly. I was sitting with mom and dad when I heard explosions all of the sudden. Screams were heard from outside as well as the sounds of combat. Dad grabbed the family heirloom bastard sword and stood by the door while mom hid with me and told me to keep my eyes closed. I heard the door bust open and the sound of swords clashing. When it became quiet dad called me over. “Jay, I need you to take your mother out the back window and meet up with Uncle Gerald at the farm a mile to the south. Take this sword to your Uncle.” I threw the sword out the window and began to climb out. Out of the door came a hail of crossbow bolts and I saw the image that haunts me to this day, my parents die in front of me. Cradling the sword I hid behind a few crates and began to cry. When I wiped my eyes I remembered Felicia and knew I couldn’t leave her. I ran to the servant’s quarters but turned away when I saw it was on fire. In the wood nearby we had a small fort that we used to play king and queen. I was full of fear as I ran with everything I had to the woods.

I was out of breath when I reached the fort, my heart beating out of my chest. I did not know what was happening because I had never pushed my body like this. My muscles began to expand then contract. I then lost my breath and my vision began to get hazy. I tasted dirt mixed with the blood of my bitten tongue. I wanted to die so badly at the moment I blacked out. I awoke that night inside the fort covered by leaves. Felicia was sleeping next to me, holding me.

The next morning we took off to the south to meet with Uncle Gerald but were unable to cross the burned ruins of the house as there were still soldiers in the area. We changed directions and tried to walk around the area. We held hands and walked aimlessly. After two days Felicia passed out, I picked her up, kissed her and continued to walk. The next day I dropped due to exhaustion and told her sleeping body that I loved her and then fell asleep. A passing traveler had been following us for a few hours decided to nurse us back to health. He offered to take us to a nearby town. In return we would cook and help him carry all his belonging. Hemherd was a treasure hunter by profession and was heading back to his guild to fence what he had acquired. He began to teach us a few little tips on how to spot an easy target to get some food from.

It took a few months but we eventually reached Hemherds guild. He offered and we accepted to becoming his apprentices. During our travel my feeling for Felicia really came out but she didn’t share them. I told her that I loved her more than anything, how she was the only reason I was alive and she was also my reason for living. She cried but did not share the feeling. I was devastated but stayed because I couldn’t be away from her. We entered the guild and put under the care of Emin, the guild instructor. We parted ways with Hemherd and began our official training. The guild trained very strictly and at length. Felicia chose to drop out after a month and started to work at an inn as a waitress. We moved in together and shared everything but a bed.

When the training was done one year had passed. I was initiated into the guild in the morning. That night I went home and saw Felicia crying on the floor. She said that Hemherd visited that morning and raped her. In between crying fits she told me that the only reason Hemherd kept us around was because Felicia would sleep with him once a week as payment. She hated herself for it but did not see another option. We both broke down and swore our love for each other. The reason she never told me before was because she was ashamed of what she was doing. With the blessing of Raki the guild master we moved away from the town and while I kept my affiliation to the guild I kept all contact to a minimum.

A few months later Felicia gave birth to my son, Lutherin. Life was hard and simple but good. We survived on her work at the inn and my jobs for the local guild. One night I was coming back from doing a fence when I heard screams from my house. Running to my home I saw a man holding her down, stabbing her. In the corner I saw the body of my dead son. I ran up the man to kill him. I picked him up and throw him across the room. I then caught him when he tried to tackle me. We tousled on the ground, punching and kicking. I saw an opening and reached up to grab his neck. I recognized Hemherd, and broke his neck. I picked up my wife as she died in his arms and spent the rest of the day crying.

The next morning I packed the little belongings we had and burned down our little shack. I went back to the guild to see if they had any information. Raki told me that Hemherd was hired to kill us but he wasn’t sure by whom. The guild would do its best to throw people off my scent but outright help could cause a war between guilds. He gave me some money and sent me on my way.

I took odd jobs as a guard to survive. It was during this time I recognized a heraldic symbol – a sword crossed with two small curved “blades” behind nightshade on a green background – from the fateful day my parent died. Late one night, worn from travel, I found an Inn to stay at. Exhausted and dirty I was still able to recognize my older brothers. In a tearful embrace I told them how I felt I was the only survivor and told them of my wife and son. I told them what I knew about the people who attacked our home.

It took us a few weeks before we were all sitting around talking about our future. Thorin joined us. When I presented uncle Gerald with the family sword Thorin spoke up that he helped reforge the weapon. He had met our mother before any of us were born. Following Decados lead, we considered Thorin part of the family.

We all spoke about the little information we had and pooled it. Our clues left us without a starting point. Verikan stated that none of us had been back to the manor since the day we left. I did not want to go back. Those nightmares were too real and I couldn’t bear to have my brothers see how weak I am. Revenge was always on my mind but I know how it feels to kill and I am unsure which feeling I hate more. Revenge would not bring my parents back but killing the people who did it may help with my constant nightmares about that day. Killing a man hurts inside in a way I never felt before. Life and death are natural but it is unforgivable to murder. Moralay’s blessing will get me thru this problem.

Verikan and I went to his ministry to see about getting some more help. I knew the lady’s followers are all but pacifists. They were not my first choice but Verikan said he worked there and spoke highly of the followers. I still can’t figure out Verikan. He is a follower of the lady yet wears armor and carries weapons. I guess I was wrong about the tenants of that religion. We speak with the head of the church and he offers the services of a young acolyte. Chymerrilyn walked in and I was unable to speak.

She looked very familiar to me despite never meeting her before. I couldn’t hear what everyone else was saying. For an instant everything froze and I was able to see myself from the outside. I had a moment like this before. The last time changed my life forever. Seeing my parents die in front of me was beyond my comprehension. Chymerrilyn showing up did something similar to me. When I gained control of my body again I swore to the vicar that I would guard her and keep her safe.

The next morning we took off. During the next few days Darius and I took to foraging for food. We did not fare well. One morning I was tracking a large beats in hopes of getting more than one days food. We came across a cave. Out of that cave came an owlbear. I attacked the creature while Darius did not fare well. I believe he was just unsure how to combat a beast that is native to the deep forests. He blew his horn and our companions joined us and we all took it down.

We continued foraging for the trip but eventually decided that we would never make it. We were unable to hunt enough game to feel all six of us. We reached a fork in the road and decided to head in a different direction to see if we could work for food. We came across a fort and asked about work. Verkian bartered a deal that we would find a missing patrol and in return get three weeks of rations. A soldier from that unit, Dunlan, joined us to show where the patrols usually go.

Dunlan showed us where the patrols usually go. At the turn around point I found evidence of a scuffle and bodies being dragged. We followed those and after some time saw a fire in the distance. Thorin went to look. He came back informing us that there was a large troll there that while blind wanted to see us.

That troll told us all about some strange marks we had on us and about some old gods. He pointed us in the direction of the krilloths. We kept tracking them until we found a large tree. It looked as if we could walk inside. Someone found an entrance and we crawled inside. It went deep underground and we all had plenty of walking room. We moved along and came across a huge opening with a shallow ravine. In the middle was the lost patrol, tied up. Some krilloths were in the area. There was a fire next to the patrol. I think I even saw one of them take out some seasoning to pour on a fat soldier. We jumped them and made them regret the day they were born, the krilloths I mean. We took the weak back to the fort and were rewarded with food. Food! Seriously, Verikan should never be allowed to negotiate.

At the fort I found they had an alchemist lab so I took some time and made a few potions. Apparently people are amazed I can do that. We headed back to… somewhere. I can’t remember too well. I was too distracted by Meryl. Something about that girl clouds my head. Decado decided we would head back to the manor. I started feeling faint.

We had better luck with hunting since Darius took over it by himself. I should have stayed out of his way from the beginning. When the manor was in sight it really hit me. I hated the sight of it; it bought back all my nightmares. I could picture how it looked on that day. The bodies, the blood! I had to keep my head down. I just walked along and stayed quiet. Meryl was especially nice to me. My brothers all reacted in different ways but I showed it the most. Decado told me that we all felt the same way but they needed me to stop crying and be a man. We can all mourn after we are done. We explored the outside first. What scared me and I still cannot explain is that we found a small grave for my dad. His sword was impaled there. The confusing part was that something had crawled out of his grave. I hate to think what the means. I heard of the dead rising but we all know that isn’t true. Inside the house were trails of blood like someone dragged all the bodies into the basement. So we headed to the attic. In the attic we got stung by huge mosquitoes. I am not jesting, they were huge! We swatted them away and kept looking around. In our parents’ bedroom we found a hidden chest with dads old equipment.

So Meryl has some kind of reaction to magical equipment.

When we all reached the basement we encountered the living dead. I know I have never fought them but I guess neither did my brothers because we did not fare too well. In the end we all survived but Meryl was paralyzed. When we finished up there I suggested we go to Nordhenz as I knew a few people there. It is actually the home of the thief’s guild I was in. I met up with the leader Emin and I bargained for a cure for Meryl. He also informed me that some people are looking to kill me and they all have white hair. I am beginning to think some powerful magic is being used. Living dead? White hair? This is beginning to really scare me. Once Meryl was fine we headed back to the manor.

Upon our return we were able to figure out what was missing from dad’s library. It was his journal and some maps. Mom used to show me how to read by going into dad’s journal. It’s why I have this one. While looking in the manor we also found a very odd note. We left to find our way to Lakeside. We passed some ruins to the north of Lakeside but we didn’t find anything worth mentioning. Darius hired an elf woman name Yzela (I still can’t pronounce it) to help us. She apparently uses magic very well. I suggested she guard Verikan and Meryl.

Upon entering Lakeside we were captured by Lord Vordehan’s men. One night Eric, one of his guards, tried to kill us. We took down most of the ambush but he escaped. The wounded guard, Lawrence was carried by us to Lord Vordehan’s estate. We met a few interesting people at the manor and ended up having dinner with the lord. He is apparently on our side as he helped uncle Gerald get away from his supposed burning of an inn. He is also the Scion of Fate. Of all the people, it is the guy who captured us and helped our family. I really don’t like how something is forcing our path. Lord Vordehan went into some detail about our marks and some of his history. He freaks out when he learns Meryl is who she is. Apparently if we told her of her ability she will cause the world to burn or some nonsense like that. I won’t tell her because I guess I swore to.

Decado and I took some time to sneak into town and gather some more information. I spoke to the Vicar at the temple of the lady. I pressed him to reveal what he knew about Meryl and he also had a major secret. She is, also, the chosen of the lady. I think these gods need to leave us mortals aside and stop choosing and defiling. I really don’t like this situation. We went back to the manor and I spent some time with Meryl. I eventually told her about her being the chosen. If she is on this path I hope she can overcome whatever comes with being the defiler of fate.

Somewhere in there my mark decided to turn itself on. I also think I may be poisoned because I haven’t been feeling good for the past few days.

They stand alone amidst a sea of blood
Their only course an act of hatred
Lost in vengeance, they search in vain
To find that more than life is sacred

Beware the One wreathed in crimson
All strands burn, wither, and fray
All hope ends in sorrow and loss
The world will never again see the day

When I wake up a lot of people are gone. Captain Gregor escorted us to the armory and we (Decado, Darius and I) got some new equipment. Zelos, Qeelin, Baldarov Ironflesh. Attacked at night by a Gryphon. We found Silus at the mill and had a hard fought battle. We spoke to one of the captured and he told us the De’nair royal family hired Silus to capture us. He was a member of the Iron Sword Brigade. He came with us but was killed during watch one night. We made it back to Lord Vords manor and planned from there. The de’vonaire family were originally Necidian nobles who were shamed and then somehow became Nedrothian nobles. We went to Fort Wayside to see about getting a letter of recommendation from the commander there for our previous heroics. We found them all knocked out with some new special poison and some of the soldiers were dead. Darius and I step outside the fort to look for the last patrol that included Dunlan. His patrol was all killed but he escaped. We found him in the old krilloth tree cave. He was in the hidden alcove, almost dead. We bought him back to the fort. We convinced the commander to release Dunlan to us. We all went to the capital, Saint Caradir, to research what we could. A servant of the Dawnbringer, Lyara Uldane, offered to help us do some extra research. We helped Dunlan run a message to the Saint Myron. He took some leave of his military service and joined us. We all headed to Lord Vords manor.

The De’vonair noble family had been around since the chaos years and was from Necidia. The dark war between Necidia and Nedros caused De’vonair family members to have white hair. Notes found around the year 70 had some evidence of the family helping Nedros in the Dark War. In my opinion they may be necromancers. When the evidence came out they were stripped of Necidian title and lands and banished. The family reappeared in 817 but with little more information. In the year 860 a small company appeared flying the banner in western Nedros.

The Shatterplague of year 861 took place in western Tarmaline. Symptoms: High fever, dry skin, bleeds from open skin; die from blood loss or too many wounds. Even after death the plague still attacked the body. The plague popped up in towns closest to The Bastionwall Mountains with a bigger focus to the north. The plague was very resistant to magical healing.

The former heir to the Nedrothian throne, Prince Viscus Van’Nedros went missing and was later found mad in the year 903. He always enjoyed adventuring and would often go on personal quests. When he was 18 he went missing and did not come back for 3 years. Rumors had him seen in all the major countries of Zhenin. The king, Yandell is known to be a poor diplomat and it has affected his reign.

The Nedrothian Royal Advisor, Parin Vaneguard was killed by a noble of the Von Zerith house. Parin sought power from an ancient Artifact that could remake the continent in his image.

Around the year 814 a cleric of the dawn bringer who served the Necidian military. In Tarmaline he came across an old dragons nest. He encountered a ‘spectator’ who was tasked to watch over a nest. The spectator gave the cleric the task of being the guardian of a single wyrmling who had hatched early. Shortly after the cleric took command the nest was attacked. The cleric and the spectator and the party defended the nest. The cleric and one of the dragons went into hiding after everyone parted ways. The following year the cleric and the dragon came out of hiding. The cleric killed a dark knight who was forming an evil army. The cleric found the knights’ employer, an evil mage. The mage died in a ritual that also took the life of the cleric. The dragon went to the care of the church in the year 816. The mage had a book called the ‘Testament of Carnamagos.’

Looking into the Past

Year of the Gods 904 on Airday, 16th of Heatwall
Javen had come back to us, our little brother thought lost or dead found our town of Lakeside. That happened a few months so ill bring things up to speed. He had lived almost a lifes worth in three years but in that time he found some things out about our parent’s death. An image of a Sword through purple flowers, maybe lavender Javen would know, and i had done some research within the few months time. I kept my hears open to mercs and travelers who might have seen this symbol and made a rough map of this continent and key locales.
With all the info the 5 of us had gathered. Sorry ill go back there are 5 of us, me Decado, my middle brother Darius, Our new found youngest brother Javen, and our cousin Verikan, lastly theres the dwarf that has beena friend for a while now that is helping Thorin Hammerhand. Amyways we gathered info about the sword symbol and few individuals we remember from that need. Including some info on some new people seen in and around this symbol.
So we headed out with a purpose to visit the site of our parents death.We’ll visit the site look for some clues and dig around in the nearest 2 towns for some info thats the best lead we got right now besides my map of sightings…
Year of the Gods 904 on Airday, 23rd of Heatwall
Hit the Town of…crap who cares it wasnt memorable and im too lazy to break open the map and look. We got food and drinka nd resupplied a little. We have discovered to the discontent of Javen and Darius, our hunters, that suppling on the move aint so easy or fast.
Year of the Gods 904 on Earthday, 6th of Harvestend
Had to detour to the damn Fort Wayside we were running low on food and feed for the horses didnt think about the fact that the north than west way there wasnt another town to stop over. Oh yeah that little girl that Verikan brought with him, named Merrilyn.Thats short for some name she said earlier i forget the whole thing. Guess Verikan needed to help here on some “HOLY” quest of self discovery. Anyway she cooked me something nice the other day. Guess she found out that 2 days ago was my 19th birthday. Javen’s is coming up later in Harvestend, maybe she give him something nicere than dinner. I guess Verikan warned us to not even think about that either, too young for me anyway..
Anyway the detour. The Fort was nice enough to part with stuff for a small marked up price or find a lost patrol. We got a guide from the Fort some young soldier Azreal or something. We found the tracks and patrol obviously had a struggle. We followed and what happened was the craziest thing. I was the quietest so i moved up to take a look at the fire in distance. We could see it through the trees. a huge blind Troll comes out starts speaking common his name was Baru’ghat and he told me i was marked and that the others were too…but he also told us where to find the Krill’loths that got the patrol.
After 3-4 and 1 crazy deadly trap, we found them and killed a group twice our size, weapons were drawn and cleaved through armor and flesh and we got busted up bad but everyone lived…and we got some loot we didnt pursue going down into the lower cave we were too banged up as a group.
Baru’ghat’s prophecies
Honest i got a little lost in the discussion of births and marks and gods and demons…All I know is that those marked are pulled by fate to be part of a God’s plan but in a way you can fight fate and not be some that God’s lapdog…Thorin gave some insight some old dwarven stuff and he said he had a idea when he saw mine and Darius’s birthmark.
This is the part where things start to get boring. We stuck around healed up back at the Fort and decided what to do next. Ooops yeah the blind troll guy said to stop our fate from being sealed we have to return to Laekside to meet the one to help us. Im still for going to see about parents gravesite. Honest fate or no it can wait two more weeks and im itching to see some more clues into there death and kill those trollfucking whores…

Drexlyn Family Tree

Gallow married Jezra and had two boys, Lutherin and Gerald. Lutherin married Cryssania and had three sons, Decado, Darius and Javen. Gerald married Kira and had a son, Verikan.

The Journals of the Drexlyn Family and their companions
Piecing together history

Here lie the pages of journal entries – previously undiscovered and unread by any but the authors themselves – left behind by members of a minor noble house of Necidia known as the Drexlyns. Gathering what I could from the earliest entries, it appears that they suffered some hardship at the hands of unknown assailants a few years past, losing their home and many precious relatives, servants, and friends.

I have attempted to organize these entries in chronological order; however, there are examples that do not explicitly list time or date, and I have done my best to interpret the events as having occurred within a specific time frame. These entries are the most conducive that I have found in discovering what really happened to the surviving members of the Drexlyn family throughout those years. It is my hope that a scholar more skilled than I, or possibly a powerful diviner, may read the words written by the very hands of that family (and their closest associates, of course) and be able to truly unravel this mystery that has haunted me for many moons. I do this because I have pressing matters that must be attended, and I can no longer bide my time here with these pages.

-Gramdon Willshire, Algerothian scholar and Consulate of the Circle of Magi
Year of the Gods 983


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