Absolute Dominion

Decado Drexlyn's Combat Journal Ch1

Evening, Icefall 28th Death Day
I’m putting this journal together to keep my head all my thoughts on the battles we have thought many things have happened leading up to and after these battle and ill letDarius’s , Javen’s old journal and anyone else who cares to write to fill in the blanks..
I’m writing this so i can look back and if need be pull from past battles and soundtheroie ideas and not make same mistakes twice. I don’t want Javen’s death to happen to another person i care for. I learned a lot from Dad when it comes to leading and strategy but i never had a chnace to put to practice up until 9 months back. Anyways on with it…

Night Suns Ebb 9th Air day_
Meet 2 guards from town to get escorted back to Lord Vordehan estate. Eric one of the guards was a traitor and he killed Lawrence the other guard with poison and takes off. We follow Me,Javenand Darius. This is my first mistake why would he poison his buddy and run off unless it was a trap next time use my head it was a trap we had to retreat back to the camp get shields cause of bowmen. We won though but the lesson of this combat is archers hurt, charge them cause they will break, watch for traps. It almost cost me Darius he got injured pretty bad in this fight .

Late Afternoon Suns Ebb 11th Gods Day_
Javen and I snuck into Lakeside to get some intel on the Inn and MerrilynJyrick had said we had eyes looking for us and he wasnt kidding we were being followed. Being in light armor but well armed we set an ambush for our pursuers in a alley. Within the first few seconds it was apparent they were hired strong arms from the street. No organization and very little skill, they only thing they did right was throw 2 men on rooftops with crossbows. After we made short work of them men on the ground and Javen shot a man from the roof with his own crossbow. The last man took his leave. 
I got to say i learned a lot of things in this fight, always keep a ranged weapon on you. Got to give yourself options. Also i got clipped with two bolts, learn to move out of the way and find fucking cover.

Late Afternoon Suns Ebb 21st Death Day…suited_
Me, Javen, Darius and Ysela were following a lead. It lead us to a old lumber mill in the middle of the woods. This is where one of our more difficult fights occured. We encountered a character named Silas and his band of mercenaries. This fight started out positive my armor was enscrolled by our sorceress Ysela and headed in to battle Silas. Out of the woods came a band of 12-15 men followed by a damn Giant. By what im told a smaller one…could of fooled me. Javen and Ysela let loose with magic and Darius starting firing his bow as quick as his could.
I got to say im good with a blade, make you glance one way and spill your guts a second later. It was very hard to fool him he was fast and the magic lightning sword didnt help things. After a particular nasty hit that i out on him he dropped his sword Silas turned…went full fur and werewolf. It got bad and quick…yelled for help right than and there he Darius has some religious thing about were creatures. The men finally went down took a bit though same with the Giant with Ysela almost dying in the process. 
Silas was killed in the end he was one of the men who raided our estate years ago. Doesnt bring anyone back but for a brief moment you feel like it matters. Take aways from this are right weapon for the right job my swords great but Silas kept healing cause it wasn’t silver. Also even thought Giants are big tough and strong some simple magic spells and arrows brought it down without too much injury. Right tools for the right job.

Underground Icefall 14th or 15th Death or Life Day_
The fight couldnt be avoided it was eventually going to try to kill us on our way out of the tombs below the estate. The Demon was controlling so many undead. Me and Thorin could easily let our armor take a good amount of the damage from the undead and not even hurt us it was the rest of us that were having problems light armored too many undead and more being raised every minute. Javen gave himself up to save the rest of us.. I’m sure none of us would have made it out Catacomb alive if it werent for him. 
Everytime i look at Merrilyn it hurts a little to realize what was lost and what i imagine could have been. Than i see the next obstacle in my path and as a leader you come to the conclusion that some things are unavoidable no matter how much you think it through or how much sound your plan is…



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