Absolute Dominion

The Journals of the Drexlyn Family and their companions

Piecing together history

Here lie the pages of journal entries – previously undiscovered and unread by any but the authors themselves – left behind by members of a minor noble house of Necidia known as the Drexlyns. Gathering what I could from the earliest entries, it appears that they suffered some hardship at the hands of unknown assailants a few years past, losing their home and many precious relatives, servants, and friends.

I have attempted to organize these entries in chronological order; however, there are examples that do not explicitly list time or date, and I have done my best to interpret the events as having occurred within a specific time frame. These entries are the most conducive that I have found in discovering what really happened to the surviving members of the Drexlyn family throughout those years. It is my hope that a scholar more skilled than I, or possibly a powerful diviner, may read the words written by the very hands of that family (and their closest associates, of course) and be able to truly unravel this mystery that has haunted me for many moons. I do this because I have pressing matters that must be attended, and I can no longer bide my time here with these pages.

-Gramdon Willshire, Algerothian scholar and Consulate of the Circle of Magi
Year of the Gods 983



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