[St. Beregoth] Alessara

An elf maiden whose lean build likens her to a long-stemmed flower with a beautiful mane of hair. A complex tattoo adorns her right arm.


Although one of the first elf maidens of House Vordehan to be seen by the Drexlyns, Alessara’s initial shyness kept her in the background for the most part. However, Thorin Hammerhand discovered that she has a certain love of scholarly pursuits when the two took some time to research various topics in Lord Vordehan’s library. After revealing her secret, Alessara has proven to have a sharp mind, though she still remains one of the quieter elves in the manor.

  • Her age is unknown, but she is old enough to have lived over a century or so based on what little of her past she has revealed.
  • She bears a mark not unlike those that the Drexlyns have, interwoven into her intricate tattoo. According to her, it means “nature” and binds her to plantlife, which explains her love of the Vordehan garden.
  • Unlike the other elf maidens, she has remained with Alrec Vordehan so that her mark can remain hidden. Her “shyness” seemed to be a partial ruse. Decado’s direct line of questioning, however, cracked through her barrier, and she already seemed to bond with Thorin.

[St. Beregoth] Alessara

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