[[DEAD]] Alrec Vordehan

A handsome man in his thirties with a light-hearted gleam in his eye despite the serious expression he wears.


An almost devilishly-handsome man of Necidian stock – although some swear that he may have Keidrish blood in his lineage – Alrec carries his noble bloodline in his particular way of speaking and in the raw charisma that he exudes. He wears some of the finest clothes, tailored to fit him perfectly, and he tends to walk with purpose in his stride. He sometimes wears his favorite rapier on his belt, but most of the time, the only weapon of self-defense he keeps is a painfully sharp-looking stiletto. He tends to have a far-off expression as he almost always seems preoccupied with something, but he is quick to recover and pick up where conversation may have left him. His genuinely warm smile is considered a deadly weapon by most women as they usually become weak in the knees, sometimes even fainting.

  • Alrec is the Scion of Fate, and has already admitted that his time serving the “Maiden of Threads” is nearing the end; the Drexlyns suspected that something was strange with his lack of a wife and desire to continue his bloodline, especially since he surrounds himself with the elves and Ysilina as his inner circle. He has admitted that there is one more event he must make sure comes to pass, and then…
  • He has proven to be more of a scholar than a noble. His extensive three-story library is more than sufficient to provide physical evidence toward this idea.
  • The way he runs his estate can be considered “eccentric” by other nobles as he treats even his servants as more than such. As a result, they act quite favorable toward him, even being downright loyal and respectful.

Lord Vordehan, along with Captain Gregor and the majority of the house guards, met his final fate against the De’Nair’s horde in order to buy the Drexlyns time to escape.


[[DEAD]] Alrec Vordehan

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