An extremely large specimen for his race, this troll's whitened eyes and wizened features reveal only his blindness and age. His thoughts and purpose remain his own.


A troll that appears to harbor far less violent urges than the tales about his brethren would indicate, the one known as Baru’ghat leads a quiet life alone in the wetlands that he calls home. His clothes – seemingly made from the skin and feathers of past meals – suggest an almost civilized, if barbaric, mindset. Despite his apparent blindness, Baru’ghat seems quite capable of maneuvering through any area with exact precision, albeit slowly and carefully. It is not known how he has become such a large individual as he towers over rumored examples of troll-kind, but it is possible that he has strong giant blood in his mixed lineage.

  • Appears to live in the wetlands west of Fort Wayside.
  • Seems to know much of history, prophecy, fate, and what the Drexlyns’ birthmarks mean, but he only reveals that which he feels is the right time to know.
  • Has informed the Drexlyns that they must meet the “Scion of Fate” and that their original destination of the old Drexlyn manor is in the opposite direction. They must return to “where the twin lakes meet”.
  • Despite his incredibly advanced age, he still seems quite capable of handling himself due to his size and strength.
  • He seems to have an incredible sense of smell that borders on magical ability.
  • The krilloth group that had captured the Wayside patrol gave the troll a wide berth on their return trip.


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