An innocent young girl of maybe twelve summers and eyes the color of amethyst, she serves as an acolyte to the Good Lady Lilandra.


An aspiring acolyte in pursuit of becoming a devoted priestess of the Good Lady Lilandra, Chymerrilyn, or “Merryl” as most usually call her, is the ideal visage of innocence and youthful beauty. She is generally quiet, her amethyst-colored eyes simply taking in everything they can as she learns more of the world; however, she has demonstrated an inquisitive mind that, while still naive, shows swift understanding of new information without the need for repetition or redundant questioning.

  • Has become Verikan Drexlyn’s ward and acolyte by decree of Vicar Rudolph, of the Lakeside temple of the Good Lady.
  • Is currently beginning her pilgrimage to learn of the world – in both its beauty and its horror – and to provide as much love and care as all priests of Lilandra must learn to during their training. Verikan is to be her mentor and protector, though it is also to be a learning experience for him.
  • Has shown great skill in first aid and medical procedure, as the Vicar had mentioned she was quite the prodigy at such skills.
  • Also appears to be able to calm animals with simply a gentle touch and a few soothing words.
  • Has been called “She who defies Fate” by Baru’ghat, who exhibited fear at sensing her presence.
  • Has demonstrated sensitivity to permanent (or continuous) arcane magic. While magic sensitivity has uncommonly occurred in the past, there is no record of anyone who caused magic to become visible, such as causing permanent magic items to glow while in their presence.


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