Decado Drexlyn

Human Male Warrior, Age 19


Birthday: Godsday, 4th of Harvestend 886 YG (Aug 4th 886)
6’2", 220lb ish, Short brown hair, blue eyes
G 13
N 02
Damage Bonus: 1d6
Move 9
Fatigue Points 34
Fate Points 20

Str 18
Con 16
Siz 16
Int 16
Pow 12
Dex 14
Cha 12

Command 50
Climb 40
Dodge 51
First Aid 62
Hide 50
Jump 40
Knowledge(SW) 36
Language(Cn) 80
Language(Nec) 80
Literacy (Cn) 48
Listen 59
Mapping 49
Persuade 19
Research 31
Ride 20
Sense 54
Spot 57
Status 45
Stealth 53
Strategy 11
Swim 40
Teach 40

Weapons Attack Parry
2H Sword 97 88
1H Sword 56 56
Shield 41 74
1H Hammer 62 62
Bow 69 33
Grapple 50
Brawl 57

Base for Melee 42
Base for Range 24

Chainmail coif
Chainmail shirt
Chainmail skirt
Drexlyn Back and Breast Plate +1

Drexlyn Broadsword +1
Drexlyn Longbow +1
Light Mace
Target Shield

Healing Potion x2 2nd, x1 3rd

Healers Kit
Ink and quill
Parchment Sheets x8
Map Case
Tinderbox, Flint, steel
Small metal Mirror
Belt Pouch
Quiver x18 arrows
Traverlers Outfit x2
Rations x14

War Horse
Bit & Bridle
War Saddle
x2 Saddle Bags
Rations x30
Feed x31
Heavy Leather Barding


Having fled with Lucas and there Uncle Gerald, they settled down in a small city/large town. Decado went to work helping his Uncle out the most. The arrow wound to his leg never healed right for him and he has a slight limp b/c of it. The city Lakeside, was good at first for Decado but he soon realized he needed to be a harder person to help his Gerlad and to survive here.

He’s now 19 years old, has kept himself in good shape but his leg still bothers him. He has put away some money and with this collected weapons and armor and supplies to eventually go after those men responsible for family members death’s.

Decado Drexlyn

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