[MIA] Gerald Drexlyn

An ever-thoughtful look in his dark eyes, this man watches his surroundings observantly, his fading youth still holding strong despite the wrinkles by his eyes and the silver hairs creeping through his normally dark mane.


Uncle to the young Drexlyn brothers and father to Verikan, Gerald is a quiet man in his mid-40s who still has the good looks attributed to the men of the family. Never having been as sociable as his late brother Lutherin, Gerald has long been considered the quiet voice of reason between the two of them. However, he lacks the innovative insight that Lutherin usually had, sticking instead to tried-and-true tactics over creativity and daring ventures. His skill with crossbows – especially his beloved darkwood repeating heavy crossbow Iolie – is said to be among the best during his prime, though he is still an accurate shot when necessary. He also learned the ways of the wilderness as a youth, though in recent days it seems that middle-brother Darius has surpassed the older Drexlyn’s skill in hunting.


[MIA] Gerald Drexlyn

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