Verikan Drexlyn


Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Deity: Lilandra
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: 19
Height: 6’
Weight: 180

Str: 12
Con: 13
Siz: 13
Int: 17
Pow: 15 (starting)
Dex: 13
Cha: 14

Hit Points: 26
Fate Pts: 25

Good: 5
Neutral: 0
Evil: 0


The background of Jonathan’s cleric, Verikan,

Mother survived escape from house but was badly wounded with an arrow through her side. Verikan didn’t know enough first aid to take care of her and she didn’t want to risk going to a city nearby. She died on the roadside from her wounds the next day. Her last word to Vincent was to survive.

Verikan had little in the way of wilderness lore and despite the risk, entered the nearby city a day later, through the civilian gate. He was tired, hungry, and dirty. He sold his horse but couldn’t get a lot for it because the stableman thought this “ruffian” stole it. He slept on the street the first few nights, carefully rationing his money, not daring to enter an inn for fear of the attention. He couldn’t announce himself at court either, for fear of being noticed and attacked later by the forces that tried to kill him and his family before.

His money and the rest of his belongings were stolen from him a few days later, and he had to learn to beg for his meals. Verikan lived like this for weeks. He got to know the poor and what it was like to be poor. He made a friend, Rewster, who taught him how to steal fruit and the like from carts. Rewster was younger than him, but more skilled. He got Verikan into a gang that actually turned out to be a powerful thieves’ guild. Verikan had little talent for pickpocketing but was an effective confidence man. He was charismatic and persuasive. He was also used to organize the illegal books for gambling cons and protection money, since he was one of the few literate members of the society. Verikan had begun to forget what he was running from and focused on his life in the present.

One night Verikan had a dream that was prevalent with the symbols of the deity he would eventually follow, but it was subtle as to not be obvious to him that it was about the divine.

One con he was to pull was on a cleric of the Good Lady Lilandra, goddess of Life, whose name was Mickelous. It went bad and the target, Mickelous, called him out and started asking him pointed questions, like why his speech was so educated-sounding for a street rat, and his origins. He gave Verikan had two choices: get turned in or join the church. Verikan reluctantly chose the church. He was shipped to a monastery outside of town. He was made to work hard and he protested often. One night an assassin tried to kill him in his sleeping cell. The skulker was caught by the cleric Mickelous! He had come to oversee the monastery and arrived that night. The assassin gave up little information – he only knew that he was hired by a shadowed figure to do this job, but he gave up a symbol he saw on the guards that led him to the shadowed figure to discuss payment. the symbol he described was from the same group that tried to eliminate Verikan’s family months ago. Verikan told the cleric all this, who agreed to help him. Verikan also told the cleric about his vision. The cleric listened silently. Afterwards, he said Verikan has been chosen by x deity, that if he embraces this choice he will know great peace, a new life, and justice- for his family, and can bring a holy spirit of goodness wherever he stepped. Verikan declined, thinking it was not his way. He was confused and lost after the assassination attempt and the visions. Mickelous asked him to sleep on it.

That night Verikan had another dream of the goddess of Life, this one more pronounced, it was peaceful, embracing, but also strengthening. In the morning Verikan had a renewed purpose. He sought out Mickelous and told him of his decision to accept the offer.

Months pass as Verikan does his labors around the monastery. He does not protest, but learns the ways of the Good Lady and studies the important religious texts. Verikan learns very swiftly. Mickelous soon says his menial labors are done and his true work must begin. He is moved back into the city, into a church, as an acolyte. He eventually becomes a cleric of Lilandra. At his recognition ceremony Mickelous returns from the monastery to watch speaks to Verikan with pride and respect. It was the first real day of a new life for Verikan.

Verikan Drexlyn

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