A young half-breed who is easy on the eyes yet gruff and aloof, her rather unique-looking scale armor attracting just as much attention as her half-elven ancestry.


Ysela is a young half-elf who appears to be in her mid-twenties, though her Juri blood may mean that she is older still. Her piercing dark eyes contrast with her blonde hair and pointed ears (at least as far as the typical appearance of elves go), but they grant her an additional level of attraction that would otherwise be lacking. However, that attraction exists only as long as she doesn’t speak her mind, as she doesn’t appear to feel the need to check her words or actions based on her audience. Surly and brazen, she seems to prefer avoiding the games of small talk and politeness, instead cutting straight to the heart of the matter. Her martial prowess still has to be discovered, but if her attitude is any indication of her true skill, she may be a formidable ally for the Drexlyns to have, even if they have to pay to keep her around.

  • Hired for 200gp and an equal share of future treasure specifically to protect Verikan and Merryl for a minimum of three months, her combined skill in magic and combat may make her an invaluable ally, though it is yet to be proven.
  • She seems to have a visible dislike for the Good Lady, or at least those that follow her.
  • She wears a light mace on her belt, some rather unique-looking scale mail with the talon of some beast for a shoulder pad, and a heavy chain around her belt. She carries a backpack in which it is assumed her spellbook generally remains.


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