[Garidon] Ysilina

An alluring young human woman moves with near-extraordinary grace, her beauty both elegant and seductive. With a body that rivals the most fit dancers of the jungles of Layra Ve'laine, she smiles easily and warmly.


Ysilina is a beautiful young human woman who shows absolute confidence in everything about herself. Generally dressed in attire that most folk would consider scandalous, her natural grace is apparent in all that she does, even if only walking into another room. Possessing a powerful eye-catching presence that originates from more than her lithe figure, she also seems capable of suppressing it when in the presence of Lord Vordehan.

  • Ysilina is the head servant of the Vordehan house, but she appears to have a more casual relationship with Alrec than that of a servant.
  • She does not appear to show any indication of knowing Lt. Piotr’s true feelings for her. In truth, despite being quick to smile, her true emotions are extremely difficult to read.
  • She appears well-versed in various skills normally reserved for the high-born: dancing and various topics of knowledge normally only known by the learned have thus far been witnessed. It is yet to be seen if she has any martial or magical skill.
  • Her incredible body control when she dances hints at hidden skill or talent that may lie far beyond the simple steps of the traditional ballroom waltz.
  • She appears to display some favoritism to the eldest Drexlyn brother, but it could also be just another part of her duties as he is currently considered the patron of the broken family.

[Garidon] Ysilina

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