Drexlyn Family Heirloom

Bastard Sword

weapon (melee)
  • The sword was taken from Gerald’s inn in Lakeside by a mysterious stranger clad in black.

Lutherin Drexlyn had always used a bastard sword during his adventuring days. After he had married and began to start trading he set the sword down. His wife took the sword to a dwarven smith and had it modified. She kept the original blade but had the smith give it some work to bring it back to its original glory. The hilt she had replaced with a more jeweled handle. The handle was still able to be used in a fight as the cross guard was made of gold and had jewels encrusted in it. The sheath was made of new leather and it was also laced with gold and jewels. Cryssania presented this sword to her husband on the birth of his first son Decado.

The sword, and sheath, was given to Javen when the home was attacked. Javen held onto the weapon for three years. He trained with the weapon but never used it in combat. When Javen left the forest he covered the weapon in clothing and never drew it in front of others. On the day Javen found the rest of his family he gave the weapon to his uncle, Gerald. The sword was given to Gerald as it was the original sword of his grandfather, Gallow.

Drexlyn Family Heirloom

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