Absolute Dominion

Looking into the Past

Year of the Gods 904 on Airday, 16th of Heatwall
Javen had come back to us, our little brother thought lost or dead found our town of Lakeside. That happened a few months so ill bring things up to speed. He had lived almost a lifes worth in three years but in that time he found some things out about our parent’s death. An image of a Sword through purple flowers, maybe lavender Javen would know, and i had done some research within the few months time. I kept my hears open to mercs and travelers who might have seen this symbol and made a rough map of this continent and key locales.
With all the info the 5 of us had gathered. Sorry ill go back there are 5 of us, me Decado, my middle brother Darius, Our new found youngest brother Javen, and our cousin Verikan, lastly theres the dwarf that has beena friend for a while now that is helping Thorin Hammerhand. Amyways we gathered info about the sword symbol and few individuals we remember from that need. Including some info on some new people seen in and around this symbol.
So we headed out with a purpose to visit the site of our parents death.We’ll visit the site look for some clues and dig around in the nearest 2 towns for some info thats the best lead we got right now besides my map of sightings…
Year of the Gods 904 on Airday, 23rd of Heatwall
Hit the Town of…crap who cares it wasnt memorable and im too lazy to break open the map and look. We got food and drinka nd resupplied a little. We have discovered to the discontent of Javen and Darius, our hunters, that suppling on the move aint so easy or fast.
Year of the Gods 904 on Earthday, 6th of Harvestend
Had to detour to the damn Fort Wayside we were running low on food and feed for the horses didnt think about the fact that the north than west way there wasnt another town to stop over. Oh yeah that little girl that Verikan brought with him, named Merrilyn.Thats short for some name she said earlier i forget the whole thing. Guess Verikan needed to help here on some “HOLY” quest of self discovery. Anyway she cooked me something nice the other day. Guess she found out that 2 days ago was my 19th birthday. Javen’s is coming up later in Harvestend, maybe she give him something nicere than dinner. I guess Verikan warned us to not even think about that either, too young for me anyway..
Anyway the detour. The Fort was nice enough to part with stuff for a small marked up price or find a lost patrol. We got a guide from the Fort some young soldier Azreal or something. We found the tracks and patrol obviously had a struggle. We followed and what happened was the craziest thing. I was the quietest so i moved up to take a look at the fire in distance. We could see it through the trees. a huge blind Troll comes out starts speaking common his name was Baru’ghat and he told me i was marked and that the others were too…but he also told us where to find the Krill’loths that got the patrol.
After 3-4 and 1 crazy deadly trap, we found them and killed a group twice our size, weapons were drawn and cleaved through armor and flesh and we got busted up bad but everyone lived…and we got some loot we didnt pursue going down into the lower cave we were too banged up as a group.
Baru’ghat’s prophecies
Honest i got a little lost in the discussion of births and marks and gods and demons…All I know is that those marked are pulled by fate to be part of a God’s plan but in a way you can fight fate and not be some that God’s lapdog…Thorin gave some insight some old dwarven stuff and he said he had a idea when he saw mine and Darius’s birthmark.
This is the part where things start to get boring. We stuck around healed up back at the Fort and decided what to do next. Ooops yeah the blind troll guy said to stop our fate from being sealed we have to return to Laekside to meet the one to help us. Im still for going to see about parents gravesite. Honest fate or no it can wait two more weeks and im itching to see some more clues into there death and kill those trollfucking whores…

Drexlyn Family Tree

Gallow married Jezra and had two boys, Lutherin and Gerald. Lutherin married Cryssania and had three sons, Decado, Darius and Javen. Gerald married Kira and had a son, Verikan.

The Journals of the Drexlyn Family and their companions
Piecing together history

Here lie the pages of journal entries – previously undiscovered and unread by any but the authors themselves – left behind by members of a minor noble house of Necidia known as the Drexlyns. Gathering what I could from the earliest entries, it appears that they suffered some hardship at the hands of unknown assailants a few years past, losing their home and many precious relatives, servants, and friends.

I have attempted to organize these entries in chronological order; however, there are examples that do not explicitly list time or date, and I have done my best to interpret the events as having occurred within a specific time frame. These entries are the most conducive that I have found in discovering what really happened to the surviving members of the Drexlyn family throughout those years. It is my hope that a scholar more skilled than I, or possibly a powerful diviner, may read the words written by the very hands of that family (and their closest associates, of course) and be able to truly unravel this mystery that has haunted me for many moons. I do this because I have pressing matters that must be attended, and I can no longer bide my time here with these pages.

-Gramdon Willshire, Algerothian scholar and Consulate of the Circle of Magi
Year of the Gods 983


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