The four Drexlyn relatives – Decado, Verikan, Darius, and Javen – reunite in the Green Griffin Inn and Tavern in Lakeside, Necidia on Airday, the 16th of Heatwall, 904 YG. The inn is an old three-story building owned by Gerard Drexlyn (father of Verikan, uncle to the others). After a month of catching up, taking care of various tasks, or just being lazy, they finally sit down and have a private conversation about the past and what should be done.

And so, they decide that the best way to start would be to return to the manor. After a few days of preparation (and Gerard finding replacements), the four – along with the dwarf smith Thorin Hammerhand and a young acolyte of the Good Lady, Chymerrylin – head onto the western road, passing swiftly through the city of Gariden before turning northward. During their travels, Darius and Javen, having some skill at tracking and hunting, decide to attempt to keep their trip supplied with fresh food in order to reduce the usage of dry rations. However, as they are each used to working alone, they are not as successful, at one point even encroaching on the home of an owlbear.

After passing the crossroads about a few days north of Gariden, Decado’s knowledge of the area leads him to make a difficult decision: the party would stop at Fort Wayside and attempt a trade for more supplies. They travel westward until the fork in the road and turn southward, toward the fort.

They make a deal with Gate Sergeant Rufys: seek out signs of a westbound patrol that hadn’t yet returned, and they would gladly give three weeks each of supplies. The party was joined by a young soldier, Private Azreil Dunlan, and managed to find signs that the missing patrol was ambushed and carried off. The party quickly investigated a campfire that the trail took special pains to avoid, then eventually worked their way further west.

The group eventually find a hidden cave that leads to an underground krilloth camp, where they ambushed the cruel beings despite being outnumbered in order to rescue the six guards who were slated to be cooked and eaten. A terrible battle ensued, and in the end, the group routed or slew the opposition. With whatever equipment they could recover, the group return to the fort, where they are given permission to rest for a few days before heading off, back toward the southeast in order to follow the cryptic words of the troll Baru’ghat.

-Unknown Author, 904 YG


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