Nedros: The Fallen Kingdom


Nedros is a nation that has had one of the most turbulent histories throughout the centuries.

Although full of life in the forms of forests, rolling hills, rocky foothills, jagged mountains, oceanside cliffs, and the occasional moor, Nedros has an overall bleak atmosphere that permeates everything.

Although not as diverse as Tarmalaine, Nedros does sport a handful of flora that originate from within its borders.

Despite most foreigners’ ignorant beliefs, Nedros teems with wildlife between its many castles, forts, and villages. Deer, cattle, swine, and various other small herbivores are numerous and plentiful in and out of protected farmland. While this may seem beneficial for the nation overall, it comes with a dangerous consequence: carnivores such as wolves and bears are all too frequent here in the bleak kingdom. Adding to the danger of running into a pack of hungry beasts is the large population of monstrous humanoids. Beings such as giants, goblins, and ogres dominate the mostly emptied central and western portions of the nation, taking up shelter in the ancient castles and mansions of noble families long since decimated or evacuated. There is also the occasional monster or magical creature that has made its home in the depths of the uncivilized wilderness. Sightings of undead, fey, gorgons, harpies, will o’ wisps, oozes, treants, and even bulettes and behirs have been recorded throughout history, though these entail just a small list of them.

Other, more sinister things also prowl the dreary region. Generations-old tales flourish of dark and deadly things that mock the very fabric of nature. It is said that warlocks and dark mages summoned these maddeningly unspeakable things into the world during the Dark War of centuries past.

There is one “race” of humanoids that are more prevalent than anywhere else in the world, though admittedly sightings are a mere few per generation. The Eleni’Dhurai have been known to take up residence in any large, defensible, man-made structure that has long been overtaken by the surrounding countryside. A dangerous lot to the curious and the unwary, the winged elves take their privacy extremely seriously and will not tolerate intruders into their domains. However, the fact that makes this simple point even deadlier is that they are fickle to the extreme, abandoning their lairs without warning or reason and taking up residence elsewhere.

Nedrothians are a naturally pale lot with dark hair and dark eyes. While both genders tend to be tall and thin, males tend to have broader shoulders and wider limbs while females usually – though not always – have generous busts. Both sexes prefer to keep their fine hair long, although nobility usually attempts the latest fashions in hairstyling. Occasionally, Nedrothians are born with bright-colored eyes, though never bright-colored hair.

Nedrothians are polar extremes in their fashion based on their wealth class. Lower class people such as peasants, guards, and merchants tend to wear comfortably loose clothing that span the colors of the rainbow. Most foreigners believe they do this to keep their spirits up despite the drab and harsh state of their land. Unmarried men and women usually wear long, colorful headbands that symbolize their single status. Married women wear head covers that is usually their husbands’ favorite color; married men wear full-cover bandannas that completely conceals hair.

Nobles, on the other hand, tend to wear a lot of dark colors, usually focusing on black or navy blue. Their clothing is generally expensive, custom-made to show off their respectively attractive physical features.

Language: Nedrothian

Just as the people of Nedros differ greatly in fashion based on wealth class, so too do they lead completely different lives. The nobility are expected to lead rigid lifestyles of education, discipline, and obligation, with their hobbies limited to such activities as riding, sparring, courting, and war games. Although there are certainly exceptions to the rule, those individuals tend to become ostracized by their families in general. However, this strict lifestyle ensures that the majority of the nobility are well-versed in all things martial and mental.

The lower class people, on the other hand, believe in the freedom to do as they please – so long as it does not go against the law of the king or the local landowner. They work long, hard hours in their respective crafts or professions, toiling away as much as is necessary to ensure that dinner will be on the table. When the sun has set and work can be set aside for the next day, the lower class spend their evenings in various pursuits: spending time with family and/or friends, partying with others of the village, practicing an art (whether visual or musical), and so on. Unfortunately, as education is not usually offered to the lower class for cheap, most people do not know much more beyond what is taught by the older members of the family. Rare is the landowner or duke who provides education for the people.

Perhaps the one strange common ground between the two major wealth classes, most Nedrothians tend to be rather quiet followers of one (or more) major deity. One may only usually pray late at night, in the privacy of the bedroom; even then, the spouse may be away for the moment.

Attitudes Towards Magic
Nedrothians are, as an overview, suspicious of arcane magic. While not nearly as extreme as the people of Tyr’ghale, they generally regard spell casters with critical gazes and twitchy hands (near weapons). The war-filled history of Nedros has nearly always involved steel and tactics over sorcery in times of conflict, though the past and present is not without powerful practitioners living, dead, and undead. The unspeakable creatures that were summoned during the Dark War remain a testament to the amazing raw power and innovation of the land‘s wizards. In fact, most of the noble houses have some smatterings of non-humanoid blood running through the veins of the line, creating sorcerers of various degrees of power and versatility.

The banner is a gold greatsword, blade pointed down, over a red crown on a black background.



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