Absolute Dominion

Darius Drexlyn's Journal

It had been a few weeks since Verikan and Javen were back before the dreaded topic of the day when our parents were killed and our family manor was attacked. We discussed that time and some of the influential people in the attack. We decided to go back to the manor and started to prepare for the journey. We decided to hunt for some food on the way and did not pick up enough food for the whole journey. Our preparations took a week before we set out. We asked Verikan to see if he could get someone from his church(the church of The Lady) to help him with any healing that needed to be done in case of injuries. Javen went with him and they came back with Chymerrilyn. She was a young woman around the age of twelve. And so the next day we set off.

Our journey did not start off well. Javen and I had problems hunting for food and we had an incident with an owlbear. Javen was tracked it(this was before we knew it was an owlbear) to it’s cave. We were unprepared for it’s viscous attack. I was knocked down before I could hit it with my halberd, but I managed to easily deflect it’s attacks before I could blow my horn to alert others that there was danger. They quickly came and we dispatched the owlbear. We decided not to let it go to waste and cut it’s tough meat for food. As we were most of the way to the manor we decided to take a small detour south to a nearby fort to resupply. The fort commander was missing a patrol and we had to help find the patrol in order to be allowed to trade for supplies. A soldier named Dunlan came with us. We tracked the patrol to a place where they got ambushed and then followed the trail to a lake. Going around the lake we found a cave under a tree. We encountered krilloths in the cave. They had set traps but with Thorin easily able to spot them, I managed to easily disarm them so we could safely continue. Towards the bottom of the cave they had the captured soldiers tied up towards the center. It look as if the krilloths were about to kill the soldiers and possibly eat them so I quickly charged into the fray to save them. Decado and Dunlan did the same to different groups of krilloths. Javen stayed backed and fired arrows while covering Verikan. Verikan being a worshiper of The Lady doesn’t directly take part of the combat. Unlike most prey worshipers of The Lady, he does have armor and a shield. We killed or captured most of the krilloths. Some getting away. Verikan and had to hurry up the passage because Merryl ran away when one krilloth went to escape up the passage. We found her unharmed hiding in a secret passage that Thorin had found earlier. On our way back we talked to an ancient troll that was blind named Baragaut. He knew each of us Drexlyns had a birthmark. He told us that we needed to go and see a Scion of Fate and that the Scion would explain our significance to the world. When we got back to the fort, Thorin started to teach Merryl how to parry with a quarterstaff. I helped because so she could at least try to defend herself if attacked. I gave my halberd to one of the guards that we had freed. It was here that I first thought that I should act more like a hunter, but my path dedicating myself deeper to Ralurthane did not come yet. We wished Dunlan the best of luck and instructed him to meet us at a later time when his duty there was done. I believe we are fated to meet him again in the future.

We left the fort and proceeded to our manor house. It had the look of non-use. We circled it as a cautionary measure. Memories both good and bad came back to me. We all were quietly sorting through our own thoughts. Javen looked the most uncomfortable while Decado seemed not to be phased. I kept my emotions in check to least so that I’ve matured enough these past couple years. I saw my father’s grave for the first time. I didn’t work up the courage to approach it, but Decado later said it looked as if someone had crawled out from the inside. If someone turned our father into some type of undead they would pay. The mausoleum seemed disturbed as if someone kept going in and out looking for something. The greenhouse was overgrown. We entered the house by the main entrance. There was a trail of blood that we followed. We found some rare dangerous mold that we left alone in the pantries. The library disturbed me because it was where I saw my mother growing up the most when I was learning to read. Verikan and Javen, who spent more time in the library said that there were books missing. We later found that they were books on our family history. Thinking about it, the missing books could be connected with our birthmarks. In the servant’s quarters Javen fell down from an emotional burst crying. I do remember him saying that he married one of the servants after he escaped from the manor. I sent Merryl over thinking that another female around his age might be the best comfort for him. Also there was an eerie dangerous feeling that was coming from somewhere within the house. On the second floor we searched our old rooms. There were clothes in my room that no longer fit me and we didn’t find anything else of any use for us in our rooms. We found clothes in the guest room, but none us remembered who they belonged to. We found an old chest hidden in our parent’s room. Merryl had some weird reaction and the items started glowing. They turned out to be magical. I thought it would be best if Decado kept them since they belonged to our father. I wasn’t ready to use them yet. Following the trail of blood to the basement we found undead. Verikan said some holy words against the undead as we dispatched them. I had taken a bite that sickened me, but I couldn’t let it stop me. Javen had fallen from two while protecting Verikan and Merryl. I think his mind was still occupied from his late wife. Merryl had been paralyzed from one of the bites. We decided to part ways with the manor and respect the dead of the servants there by burning the manor down. We asked Thorin not to take part since this was a family issue. The four of us burned down the manor. I had tears in my eyes as we watched it burn down. It caused me to remember that not all evil walks during the night. We traveled to the nearest town to fix cure Merryl’s condition. Her health seemed to be getting worse as the days went by. Javen managed to get potions to cure her infliction. We spent a few days in this town before deciding to head home. It was around this time some of us started looking at Merryl in a different light. We took a small detour to ruins off a rumor, but it turned to be nothing and we continued on our way home. In the town before home we heard a rumor that a inn had burned down at Lakeview. We are looking into the rumor now.

Checking the rumors in the town I couldn’t any solid evidence that it was our uncle’s inn that burned down. The only information I managed to get was that an innkeeper thought there wasn’t a fish in the name of the inn. I paid for some poor to sleep on the inn floor, since the night is no place for these people. On the way to the temple a person caught my eye, she seemed to have a skill set that our travelling party could use. My lack of communicating with people caused some confusion about what Ysela was being hired for, but she joined our group. Verikan thought we should test her skills first. I almost laughed at him since only predators follow Ralurthane. I felt a little guilty at having her use her skills to protect two members of the Lady, but I guess us predators can only do it for a while before we tire of it. We left the next day to return home.

We were detained by the local lords troops when we got back to the town. “For our protection.” Our uncle had been arrested for burning down another inn, which is something that our uncle would never do. Verikan seemed worked up the most about it. On the way to lord’s castle one of the guards attack us and lead us to an ambush. He got away, but he will be hunted down. Though I don’t mind the scars that I got from the encounter.

It turned out that the Scion of Fate we were looking for is the local lord. He explained some things about our birthmarks and the fate that we are bound to. Also we found a dark secret about Merryl. But who writes secrets in journals… maybe a gossipy woman. There are also full blooded elves here. I spent some time in the garden with them learning about some of the plants. Maybe the information could be useful at a later time. We also had a little festival. Decado and Javen went south back to the town to get some more information. I decided to scout the surrounding area of the castle. I found a graveyard nearby and talked with Verikan about consecrating it. Thorin came along too. From the crypt we felt an overwhelming evil presence. Consecrating it took awhile and night fell towards the end of it. The evil presence tried to kill us. Shadows constantly came and attacked us as Thorin and I defended Verikan as he finished the consecration. Our uncle came and helped finish off the rest of the shadows as Verikan finished the ritual. It was nice to see my uncle who was only arrested in order to protect him. We all returned back and regrouped to discuss what our next plans were.



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