Azreil Dunlan

A young and still fresh Necidian soldier with the gleam of adventure in his eye, his long spear is held with the care that most veterans have for their most beloved weapons.


One of the rare Necidians to be born with red hair, Azreil Dunlan is a natural warrior with the heart of a hero and the temperance of a disciplined soldier. Despite serving in a fort that consists primarily of archers and swordsmen, he wields a long spear with the skill and versatility of a trained adventurer. Generally quiet and reserved, Azreil shows confidence and courage in the face of adversity, though he seems nervous and unsure when speaking to Chymerrilyn. A good ally to have on the battlefield, he appears to have proven his worth to the Drexlyns.

  • Currently serves as a private at Fort Wayside only a few weeks from the Tarmalaine border.
  • Has shown incredible skill at keep multiple enemies at bay with a long spear.
  • Appears versatile in the use of his preferred weapon: he has been seen “couching” the spear as though it were a horseman’s lance, and in close quarters fighting he “choked” the spear to strike at opponents wielding shorter weapons.
  • Honorable, dedicated, and reliable in battle, he is willing to take on unbelievable odds in order to ensure victory.
  • Has been told to look up the Drexlyns when his term of service to the Necidian military ends in a few months.

Last Known Equipment: Long Spear, Ring Mail, light war horse, miscellaneous supplies


Azreil Dunlan

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