In Lyannus, various deities hold dominion over different aspects of life. Each is worshipped by individuals from varying races, though most worshippers tend to be human. There are some deities who are considered to be the paragons of certain humanoid races (such as the Good Lady Lilandra for the Dwarves, though physically she is thought to have more in common with humans and elves).

The pantheon is split into three tiers: Greater, Lesser, and Outsiders. The Greater deities have the most influence over varying world and cultural events. Lesser deities generally have a little influence over a single (albeit broad) category. The Outsider deities are deities from other worlds or planes that have minimal following here. However, just because they do not have as much influence as the other deities doesn’t mean they cannot help bring about world peace or destruction.

What follows is a simple chart of the Greater and Lesser deities of Lyannus. Over time each deity will have a detailed page dedicated to it.

List of Greater Deities Portfolio Alignment Favored Weapon Symbol
Odin Humans, Valor, Wisdom Good Long Sword, Boar Spear An eye with a raven for the pupil
Lilandra Life, Kindness, Dwarves Good Unarmed A female form with outstretched arms; a shephard’s crook
Radriel Dawn, Light, Rebirth, Undead Destruction Good Bardiche A sun, or a golden sphere suggesting a sun
Bahamut Wind, Dragons (Good) Good Lance A regal-looking dragon or dragon’s head
Kahadrane Defense, Guardianship, Sacrifice Good Stavesword A kite shield with a gauntlet on its face
T’ndar Battle, Tactics, War, Goblinoids Neutral Long Sword, Warhammer, Heavy Flail, Lance A pair of crossed swords with a spear between them
Artariel Faith, Magic, Spirit, Elves Neutral Unarmed A geometric symbol representing magic; nothing (the self)
Ilaine Flora/Fauna, Nature, Beasts Neutral Quarterstaff A miniature model of any natural animal; a mistletoe
Ermus Art, Creativity, Invention, Mischief, Gnomes Neutral Sword Cane A gear; a musical note; a silver quill
Ralurthane Darkness, Hunting, Night, Lycanthropes Neutral Chakram A chakram; a pair of predatory eyes
Velehemus Aging, Death, Natural Cycle Neutral Scythe A skull
Mardrae Fate, Order Neutral Shortspear A circular snake swallowing its tail
Moralay Chance, Fortune, Luck, Halflings Neutral Boomerang A pair of dice
Zaragar Knowledge, Schemes, Time Neutral Tulwar An hourglass; the Infinity symbol
Frostmyr Blizzards, Cold, Winter Neutral TBA A six-point star
Ilfengril Destruction, Fire, Gluttony Evil Zweihander A burning hand
Fenrir Hunger, Instinct, Rage, Beasts (Feral or Predatory) Evil Fang Shield, Claws An amulet made of the teeth of predators; a wolf’s paw
Unspeakable One Madness, Nightmares, Power Evil Sai A half-grinning, half-crying mask; the Yellow Sign
Tiamat Conquest, Domination, Dragons (Evil) Evil Moon Axe A sceptre with five different-colored heads (black, blue, green, white, red)
List of Lesser Deities Portfolio Alignment Favored Weapon
Adonia Peace Good Mancatcher
Veronese Goodness Good Quarterstaff
Perrycus Freedom Good Short Bow
Morrh Law, Order Neutral Halberd
Vynn Neutrality, Magic Neutral Light Crossbow
Baladine Chaos, Rebellion Neural Military Flail
Kal Tyranny Evil Morningstar
Jezendra Sin Evil Whip
Verryl Anarchy Evil Tetsubo
List of Elemental Deities Portfolio Alignment Favored Weapon
Aerynis Air Neutral Long Bow
Aquelaris Water Neutral Trident
Igniitis Fire Neutral Flamberge
Gaias Earth Neutral Warmaul
Luminis Light Neutral Naginata
Shadis Shadow Neutral Bastard Sword
Noctunis Darkness Neutral Rapier


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